Suzuki prepares e Scooter for 2021 according rumors

Following the Suzuki and Gogoro partnership announced last year, the Japanese company will launch an e Scooter in 2021. All this, according to some rumours, since the major manufacturers have a stand-by attitude in relation to the application of electrification on two-wheelers.

In Suzuki’s case, the company’s position on the issue was expressed by senior executives in November 2019 and this coincided with the general restrained climate of all motoring industries.

Recently, however, reports from India, which have produced several valid and reliable websites, want the Suzuki e Scooter to get ready for the launch somewhere in 2021.

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In fact, it is stated that this e scooter, which will initially only be released on the Indian market, will be compatible with the chargers of Maruti Suzuki’s electric quads, with the ready-made infrastructure element, of course being a very large bonus and advantage, vis-à-vis competitors.


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