Tesla Model 3 Autopilot on country road in Greece

Tesla’s Autopilot, on Model 3 will have to prove that on the country road that has incomplete marking, it can operate without any particular problems. Autopilot is currently one of the most integrated autonomous driving systems, but on level “Limited self-driving”.

Of course, Tesla plans the Robotaxi Network for 2020, where autonomous driving in the Model 3 can be almost complete. Also all the new Tesla are now equipped with the powerful Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer chip, where according to Elon Musk is the best in the world.

But how does the Tesla Model 3 behave on difficult Greek country roads? Here we should remember that Tesla is not officially represented in Greece but is already in circulation of at least 15 cars.

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As you can see below in the video, the country roads where Autopilot is tested in most cases the road marking is faded. The important thing is that Autopilot with Version 2020.4.1 in this test showed highly effective.

Description from YouTube channel Chris Kirza :

Testing out how Tesla’s Autopilot works in Greece in suburban area. Standard Autopilot on HW3.

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot on country road in Greece

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