Tesla surpasses 1 millionth EV milestone today

Tesla achieved a major goal after surpassing its 1 millionth EV milestone today. This makes Tesla as the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer. Of course, Model 3 was the main protagonist of this achievement.

But there is also continuity, since the Model Y SUV is soon delivered to the first customers. Elon Musk today announced Tesla’s success and the 1 millionth EV , where he even published a photo of Model Y.

Also to emphasize that the 1 millionth EV Tesla has built are purely electric, and do not exist in its range, Plug in Hybrid models. Probably 2020 will be a year where Model Y might be able to lift Tesla’s sales even higher. It’s very likely this year that total sales numbers will exceed 600,000 cars.

For 2020, Tesla will still have an advantage, called Gigafactory 3 or Giga Shanghai. From there the Model 3 is already coming off the production line and very soon they will flood the Chinese market and the Model Y.

Tesla surpasses 1 millionth EV milestone today

Of course, at this time all the major markets are being hit by the coronavirus crisis, and this has a huge footprint in the Chinese market. Characteristically, in the first 16 days of February the Chinese car market literally collapsed.


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