Renault Morphoz

The new Renault Morphoz is a futuristic crossover that has the potential to increase its total length by almost half a meter. New Morphoz concept should have been unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show, where it was finally cancelled due coronavirus.

The French company has a habit of presenting bold and spectacular prototype cars. Many of them are equipped with features or technology close to production, but are always characterized by extremely futuristic and innovative design.

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In the video below from YouTube channel Supercar Blondie, you can see the Renault Morphoz concept in action. That is, how that the impressive concept can extends by 40 cm and vice versa!

Description from video

This is the Morphoz from Renault. It’s a fully electric SUV that transforms from a city car to a travel car within seconds. The back and the front of the car extends by 40cm to allow for an extra battery pack to be fitted, giving the car more range and more power for longer trips. The elongated version of the car also provides more space for luggage and leg room for back passengers.

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