Audi, Renault and Hyundai factories reopening in Europe

Some car factories are starting to reopen like Audi, Renault and Hyundai in Europe. Because of the coronavirus pandemic the car-makers had closed their factories for fear of the spread of covid19.

About 100 Audi employees at its factory in Gyor, Hungary, have been rebuilding engines since the beginning of the week. But a second production line will reopen in the next few days.

Audi as it supports in order to protect the health of its employees will take all necessary safety measures. The German company also estimates that at this Hungarian plant, it will resume car manufacturing by the end of next week.

Audi Renault and Hyundai

Renault also announced that it has restarted, part of production at its factory in Portugal. From 21 April, its factory in Romania will be reopened so that production can progress smoothly.

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Hyundai also announced that its factory in Nosovice, Czech Republic is already operating with two of the three shifts. But analysts’ forecasts are pretty ominous as car-makers’ revenue losses are expected to reach 60 billion euros.

Certainly the reopening of factories of the Audi Renault and Hyundai is now a necessary step. No one knows how the pandemic coronavirus will evolve in the coming months but all kinds of manufacturers will have to maneuver very carefully to safeguard the health of employees.


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