Audi with e-Tron fights EV range anxiety

Audi e-Tron SUV has highly capable battery charging technology, so range anxiety is no longer a particular disadvantage. The increasing proliferation of electric cars has highlighted the charging process of their batteries as the subject of many discussions and charging time, as a key criterion of choice.

Each electric car has as a manufacturing characteristic the charging with a maximum capacity, thus a certain higher charging speed. However, something that is often overlooked is how long during charging the battery can be charged at the maximum charging speed.

When Audi introduced the e-tron it brought a small revolution, which for many went unnoticed. The e-tron was one of the few models that could benefit from fast chargers with a charging capacity of up to 150 kW.

 e-Tron range anxiety

This results in the short charging time that is really necessary as for example during “refuelling” in the middle of a trip. Almost all of the daily charges of an electric car (BEV) are made at home, during the night, or at work, during the day.

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In this process time is not such an important factor. On the contrary, every minute counts and fast charging is necessary during a trip. After a shortest break, the car should be ready again to continue to travel.

Audi e-tron, with a 150 kW fast charger, within just 30′ of a battery almost empty it gains power corresponding to 80% of its capacity, which translates to autonomy of about 350 km, while in just 45 minutes the model can fully recharge its battery.


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