Chinese urban car ready meet challenge of Europe

One of the most recent proposals of Chinese urban car is that of SAIC-GM-Wuling where unveiled the Wuling E5C

The Wuling E5C is a Chinese urban car the first electric vehicle of this brand. It is a model whose dimensions refer to Smart! It has a length of 2,917 mm, a width of 1,493 mm, a height of 1,621 mm and a wheelbase of 1,940 mm.

As mentioned before, it is a model whose dimensions refer to Smart, although its cabin is configured for four passengers. Its clever design makes it extremely practical, since with trump the folding of the seats, the loading area can exceed 700 liters!

Chinese urban car

The lilliputian model has a digital panel while it is electric. The 27-horsepower engine draws energy from a 13.82 kWh battery. Its performance doesn’t burning the road, but for a big city it’s acceptable. Like the speed set at 100 km/h, it outstrips urban travel. Its price does not exceed 3,000 euros.

Another Chinese company, Aiways, which had received all the necessary European approvals, is preparing to launch its electric SUV to the European market. In fact, it had announced its decision to launch at a fairly competitive price the new electric U5 that is ready for online ordering.

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