Fisker Ocean EV SUV for off-road adventure

It wasn’t long ago that Fisker unveiled the Ocean EV, but how would you like an off-road version? The California-based American company wants to offer an affordable electric SUV but at the same time have excellent performance, quality and attractive design.

The Fisker Ocean is a 4.60m-long SUV with 566 litres of luggage. it will begin production in the last 3 months of 2021 with a target of one million cars in the USA, China, Europe between 2022 and 2029, and through three different models.

One of those that will follow the Ocean SUV is the off-road version with an elevated bodywork, front-rear protection aprons, extra headlights, special tires and a roof rack for the spare.

Ocean EV off-road

Initially the Ocean EV off-road is to have as basic color the military green, details black to “break” the color monotony, and object restraint nets inside.

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Fisker Ocean EV will have a battery capacity of 80kWh, its autonomy ranges from 402 to 482 km/h, and being able to charge through the photovoltaic panel located on the roof of the model as we mention at the beginning. The solar panel on the roof will give up to 1,610 km per year (1,000 miles), free charging according to Fisker.


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