Hyundai Prophecy Concept designs the EVs future

With the prototype Hyundai Prophecy Concept the Korean automotive industry presents the trend and philosophy of its future models, which is a continuation of “Sensuous Sportiness”.

Hyundai’s pure electric prototype features a highly aerodynamic silhouette, taking advantage of the long wheelbase and smaller rear prolosome. Hyundai’s head of design worldwide, Sang Yup Lee, said:

We have created a virtual prototype which sets new standards for pure electric models. At the same time, we are broadening Hyundai’s horizons in terms of our perspective on designing our models in the future. As part of our philosophy is what we call Optimistic Futurism, a design trend incorporated into Prophecy. With it we want to create an emotional relationship between man and car

Hyundai Prophecy Concept

The body design offers excellent aerodynamics, which is particularly important for electric models. From the propeller-shaped wheels inside, to the rear spoiler, the goal is optimal aerodynamics, but also the production of greater downforce.

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Inside, Hyundai Prophecy Concept is characterized by the advantages of the electric platform with ample spaces. At the same time, Hyundai’s pure electric prototype features autonomous driving technology. Instead of the traditional steering wheel, a joystick allows the driver to handle the car when needed!

With Prophecy Hyundai has created an interior that is environmentally friendly, using materials that demonstrate the company’s vision for electric vehicles.


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