Opel developed electric car since 1968

Opel had been experimenting on the electric car for many years now, but we have to travel until 1968 to discover a unique electric vehicle of the German company. The company enters the market of electric vehicles with a variety of models that will be plugged in. Among them is the new Corsa-e that promises of 330 km range.

But the German brand has a history of electric vehicles. It is typical that in the field of electric drive systems it has more than five decades of experience. This makes it one of the pioneers of electrification in the industry.

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Opel electric car

Back in 1968, Kadett B Stir-Lec I was based on the principle of autonomy expansion. The Stir-Lec prototype used 14 lead-acid batteries and the electricity it kept permanently charged came from a Strirling combustion engine mounted behind.

Just three years later, Georg von Opel, grandson of the company’s founder, broke six world electric vehicle records at the wheel of an Opel Electro GT (188 km/h) with the power of two connected electric motors that yielded 88 kW/120 horsepower.

The Opel electric car energy was provided by a nickel-Cadmium battery of 590 kg and at a constant speed of 100 km/h, the car had 44 km of range.


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