Renault offers 300 cars in race against coronavirus

Renault, responding to the difficult days of france, is offering 300 cars in the race against the coronavirus pandemic. This is the electric Renault ZOE which will be made available to health staff in France.

ZOE electric cars will be made available through the ZITY car sharing program, which was launched only last February. Jean-Dominique Senard, Renault CEO said :

We are currently thinking of loaning 300 Zoe so that medical personnel can move more easily. We are going to enter a world where solidarity has demonstrated its strength. Perhaps a world of greater benevolence and more attention to people will be born in a French and European capitalism, which I wish for and Renault will play its part

Renault against coronavirus

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This offer concerns, initially, to the staff of the nine largest hospitals in the Paris region fighting the epidemic. As of March 30, the cars are located near hospitals and are available to the executives who need them for their commute during their shift.

The cars are cleaned, disinfected and charged continuously during the day by the staff of the Zity service, in accordance with the established hygiene rules. Of the 300 ZOE cars, 10 are allocated to hospital trafficking departments.


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