Renault : Possible replacement of Megane by electric model

The first generation of the Renault Megane was launched at the end of 1995 but perhaps the French company will invest even more in an electric model. The Mégane has always been one of Renault’s successful models and is offered in a multitude versions to meet the needs of buyers.

It competes in the highly contested small car category both in Europe and in other parts of the world, where it has had great success. Success is obviously relative, for Renault, the numbers are not so good.

According to British Auto Express, Mégane could get into the electric chair as sales continue to fall from the 465,732 units sold in 2010 across Europe. In 2019, however, there was a big decline in sales with only 209,845 models, i.e. almost half!

Renault electric model

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According to Laurens van den Acker, Renault’s head of design, the French company plans to redistribute the development costs available to Mégane into more profitable projects.

“Inevitably, once we start adding a range of electric vehicles to our range, some other vehicles will have to give up their position because we simply cannot develop them all at once. Mégane is part of a class that is under increasing pressure. We need to put our money where the future of the market lies,” van den Acker said.

evNT note :

We should probably expect a new Renault electric model in the Megane class or a new electric SUV. But it is highly likely that Renault’s successful Hatch will be sacrifice of electrification cause.


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