SEAT : Dogs could help in road safety

According to research carried out by SEAT, dogs may be able to help with the problem of road safety. The Spanish company has therefore carried out a survey involving 2,000 drivers in Britain who own dogs.

The results showed that 54% of respondents replied that they drive more carefully when having a four-legged loyal friend for passenger. Young drivers, aged 18 to 24, are also considered more dangerous behind the wheel on Britain’s roads.

A large proportion of those who reach 69% said they are much more cautious when carrying their beloved pet. The figure now for drivers over the age of 55 was considerably lower, at 42%.

However, the benefit of the presence of a dog in the car is twofold, as drivers are not only more cautious, but also calmer. 35% admitted to driving less nervous when traveling with their dog.

SEAT dogs safety

At this point to say that drivers from London and from the north-east of the country believe that they would have different behaviour in a situation, at rates of 70% and 66% respectively, if they had their dog in the car.

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Although dogs once again prove to be loyal guardians of man by selflessly offering their love, unfortunately most of their owners do not care to provide mutual security.

SEAT’s research also revealed that more than a third did not know there were rules for the safe transport of the dog by car. Nine out of ten are also unaware that a fine of up to £5,000 could be imposed in Britain if these rules are not followed.


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