Tesla not our direct rival, Porsche says

Porsche Head of Research and Development, Michael Steiner, says Tesla is not our direct rival. The German company with the pure electric Taycan has entered with great potential in the new world of electrification.

He also says that many people position Tesla against Porsche are not the right approach. There are fundamental differences in the two manufacturers where the Tesla Model 3 is clearly aimed more aggressively at a high-volume category in terms of sales.

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Porsche Tesla direct rival

Michael Steiner also refers to Tesla’s battery technology. In fact, it says that the Model S’s battery is not ideal in terms of viability. Tesla uses different cells, a slightly different chemistry in the battery, and follows another concept in the cooling system.

We believe in smaller, lighter and therefore cheaper batteries, which can be recharged more quickly. It is not our goal to be the leader in terms of autonomy.


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