This brand-new Tesla Model Y have many issues

It’s been over a month where the first fleet of Tesla Model Y was delivered but some of these has some issues. Of course, we should point out that the first cars coming out the production line, sometimes have some problems.

This can of course be the case by several car makers where a new production line takes the necessary time to “normalize”. As far as Tesla is concerned, the Model Y is a completely new model, but it shares too many common points with the Model 3.

In the video below from YouTube channel Car Confections, you can see what issues Tesla’s small SUV had. Most problems involved build-quality, such as moisture in the rear lamps or bodywork gaps in some parts of the car that was not ideal!

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Description from YouTube channel Car Confections :

Too many issues for a $70,000 vehicle?? Or is it just part of the Tesla charm? This Early-Build 2020 Tesla Model Y has some build-quality issues, and we talk about them all in this video. Click to find out how many we found! Would you still buy a Model Y or would you choose the better build quality of an Audi, BMW or Lexus?? Let us know in the comments below!

Model Y issues

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