BMW i4 will be more powerful than M4

BMW i4 will be the company’s new electric sedan and will even be more powerful than the new M4 as well. It will be released somewhere in 2021 and will be a direct rival to the Tesla Model 3, which so far dominates the midsize in electric vehicles.

The production version of the BMW i4 Concept will have up to 530 PS and will provide a huge torque of 813 Nm. These numbers make it stronger than the M4 thermal engine version where it produces 510 HP and torque of up to 600 Nm.

It will have the new generation of electric motors of the company with more compact dimensions. A single block will incorporate the electric motor, transmission and electronic subsystems. It will also bring BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive technology.

BMW i4 will be more powerful than M4

BMW i4 production version will have very few changes, compared to the Concept, both externally and internally. Another interesting element is that the internationally renowned composer, Hans Zimmer, who has offered his music to over 100 films, is due for the sound that the electric i4 makes, with him facing a major challenge, since it is not a model with an internal combustion engine, but an electric one.

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The Concept i4 mask functions mainly as a “smart” panel that hosts various sensors. The rear part of the Concept i4 is lowered with the sense of width being particularly noticeable at first glance. Where the endpoints of the exhaust system once existed, the designers have installed a diffuser as well as aerodynamic aids.

BMW’s electric sedan will also have a battery with an 80 kWh capacity weighing 550 kg. The Generation 5 battery will give the electric car a range of 600 km, in a WLTP cycle. For the first 100 km/h it needs close to 4.0 sec and the top speed will be over 200 km/h.


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