Danish Government plans two wind energy islands

Denmark moves to giant investments in renewable energy by building wind energy islands

The Danish Government, with two new proposals for the creation of two wind energy islands, is counting on a tripling of installed power in offshore wind power. The energy islands will be linked to offshore wind farms in the Baltic and North Seas.

One of the two hubs, which will also constitute global originality, will be located on the Danish Baltic island of Bornholm and the other is an artificial island in the North Sea. Each island will have a capacity of at least 2 GW, enough to power 4 of the country’s 5.8 million households.

Note that the north sea island’s capacity, the plan of which was first unveiled last year, could potentially increase to 10 GW, according to what the Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

Danish Government plans two wind energy islands

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Putting the project on track, the Danish Government intends to start discussions with the Netherlands and Poland – in the North and Baltic Seas respectively – on the connection of these two energy hubs with these countries.

“This is not just about Denmark. It concerns the interconnection of our energy systems in order to accelerate the green transition. The prospects that are coming are huge,” Climate and Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen pointed out.


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