Electric ambulance in the Tokyo fire department fleet

This Nissan electric ambulance will pave the way for even more?

Nissan and the Tokyo Fire Department have announced the inclusion of the first electric ambulance in its fleet in an effort to help reduce pollutants. The Nissan EV Ambulance is equipped with an electric stretcher that offers ease of handling for the ambulance crew.

Thanks to the EV drive system, the noise and vibration levels in the vehicle are significantly lower compared to a thermal vehicle engine, helping to reduce the relative negative effects on the transport of patients, but also for the personnel who handle sensitive equipment on the move.

Nissan electric ambulance

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Two lithium-ion batteries (33 kilowatt hours) support the functions of the EV, with an additional battery (8 kWh) allowing greater use of electrical equipment and air conditioning. The ambulance can also be converted into a mobile power source in the event of a power failure (for example due to natural disasters).


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