Elon Musk tweets caused stock price to fall again

It’s well known that Tweets from Elon Musk can cause seismic vibrations and sometimes have a direct impact on Tesla’s stock!

In the aftermath of Tesla’s share price on rise, some of Elon Musk controversial tweets resulted in a big drop. Tesla’s stock fell 10.3% on Friday to $701.32. According to this, Musk considers Tesla’s stock to be too high in his opinion.

Also in another Tweet that made a great sense, he called for the quarantine to end so that people could find their freedom again. He goes on to say that he “sells all his belongings” and that he will no longer “have his own home.”

Elon Musk tweets resulted in Tesla’s stock retreating even by 11.6% with previous days’ earnings turning to smoke. Tesla recently announced earnings of $16 million, or 9 cents per share, in the first quarter of the year.

The big drop resulted in Tesla’s capitalization falling by $14 billion to $129.12 billion. The tweets also resulted in Musk losing nearly $3 billion after owning a significant stake in Tesla.

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