New Microletta three wheeled electric scooter concept

The Microletta three wheeled new electric scooter concept was due to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show last March. Coronavirus crisis however deprived this possibility and thus led it’s creators to reveal it online.

If electric scooters incorporate familiar shapes and lines from the past they will have a better chance of success. This philosophy seems to be embraced by the three-wheeled scooter Microletta, a product of a Swiss company.

It’s a small and very attractive scooter that you think has popped up through a Pixar animated film. The sheer design, the retro elements on the steering wheel and the cast lines surrounding the rear stand out. The only thing that’s certain is that nowhere will go unnoticed.

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The Microletta three wheeled electric scooter is in the prototype phase and has the ability to tilt the turns, a suspension system that locks when the scooter stops at traffic lights, allowing the rider to hold his feet on the floor. The electric scooter works by taking power from two batteries under the saddle and next to them there is space for a helmet or other objects.

All luminaires are LED type as they consume less power. There’s a pedal brake on the leg, but also a handbrake on the steering wheel. The Microletta also has a digital screen that displays information about speed, navigation, battery status, autonomy, and acceleration.

three wheeled electric scooter
three wheeled electric scooter


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