Next-Gen Megane 5 it’s not dead according Renault

The Next-Gen Renault megane according to recent rumors would probably freeze or the project will be abandoned by the French company. However, according to information from the French, this is not the case.

Renault’s head of design, Laurens van den Acker, had told the British press about the Next-Gen Renault megane where it caused turbulence, at the end of April.

Inevitably, once we start adding a number of electric vehicles to our catalog, other models will have to leave because we simply cannot develop everything at once. Mégane is in a market that is constantly under pressure. We have to bet on the future of the market

According to, however, some reputed models such as Scénic, Espace and others less, Talisman, Koleo, will not be replaced. While a huge €2 billion savings plan will be announced in May, Renault needs to clean up its range, especially due to the arrival of 100% electric models (BEV).

Next-Gen Megane 5 it's not dead according Renault

However, Megane is not yet on the list of displaced models, neither officially nor unofficially. Internally, such a decision was never discussed. In addition, the BFN project, an internal code defining the Mégane replacement model, is under consideration.

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Obviously, not all projects drive in production vehicles, but at the moment, Renault is working on the new generation Megane. However, it seems that the Estate version will not enter the production line. This type of bodywork was hotly debated within Peugeot at the time of the development of the new 308, although the Lion chose to keep it, it seems that Renault chose to close project.

The fifth-generation Mégane is far from buried. However, it could not take the form of a compact sedan as we know it today, but rather a crossover between a Captur, which has certainly grown, but remains urban, and a Kadjar in which it will grow in terms of volume and versions.


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