Tesla plans to become energy provider in UK and applied to the competent British authorities to obtain a licence to produce and market electricity in the country. Elon Musk’s company will probably also be active in areas that are directly linked to energy production.

The US company did not officially state the reasons for the application. But the British newspaper The Telegraph, citing sources with knowledge of the matter, argues that Tesla’s aim may be to introduce the Autobidder platform in the UK.

Autobidder is an automated electricity trading and management platform (it acts as an intermediary between consumers/battery owners and electricity providers). The company is currently operating in South Australia, and in the world’s largest hornsdale power reserve battery installation built about three years ago.

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The huge 100 MW battery installation was developed as a safety solution for the region’s power grid, which has been affecting residents at the state level for years. Tesla’s facility in Australia has enough power to electrify 30,000 households for about an hour.

Having developed a large and healthy battery sales business in recent years, such as Powerwall, connected to solar panels mounted on the roof of the house, the well-known automotive industry seems to be preparing to enter the UK market with its technology.

source : techfan.online

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