US company turns the Tesla Model 3 into a Cabrio

Tesla Model 3 Cabrio “enjoying the silence, the sounds of nature and the wind in your hair”

Yes, you are! You can enjoy your own Tesla Model 3 and in Cabrio version! More specifically, Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) has been preparing a conversion kit for Tesla’s popular sedan where it is now becoming a four-door open vehicle.

But what’s the point of making this conversion? “convertibles are the perfect way to enjoy electric motoring. What better way to experience your zero-emissions car than with the roof down–enjoying the silence, the sounds of nature and the wind in your hair?” as the company says.

Tesla Model 3 Cabrio

The NCE company is based in Newport, California and took about 2-3 months to complete the conversion. The first step was to undress the interior, rebuild it, make the necessary reinforcements and finally cut off its roof. Then added the mechanism for the folding soft roof.

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Of course all this has quite a profound impact on the pocket of the customer who wants the conversion. The company wants $29,500 for the basic conversion, which has manual folding, while for electrical folding one will have to give $39,500.

On the other hand, you will definitely stand out since there aren’t many Tesla Model 3 Cabrio out there. I guess there’s none!


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