Beer truck was Skoda first electric vehicle

Skoda experimented at the beginning of the last century on electric vehicles where it built an electric truck for beer transportation.

A pioneering electric beer truck was built by Skoda just before the second World War. Electric vehicles are nothing new and as early as the middle of the 19th century the first attempts and experiments had been made on them.

So Skoda in 1938 built an electric truck and was assigned to Pilsen in the Czech Republic to transport beers and more to the restaurant and bars of the city. Of course for that time the battery did not have the current evolution, which weighed about 3 tons and was lead-acid technology.

skoda electric truck

But the years passed and the vehicles with fossil fuels dominated, but skoda tried again with another electric vehicle. In 1992 Skoda revealed an electric version of Favorit which it named Eltra 151. This resulted from a limited-production order from a Swiss importer for sale in Europe.

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This vehicle had a 15.4 kw electric motor, and a battery array of 14 series 6 Volts of 190 Ah (about 16 kWh) that gave power to a 21-horsepower electric motor. The weight of the battery was over a ton and gave a range of 60-80 km with a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

Going back in time in 1908 the founders of Skoda, Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement had presented in 1908 in Prague an experimental electric hybrid vehicle with gasoline engine. This particular vehicle was the first hybrid range extender since it had a gasoline engine as a generator for electricity generation.


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