CHRGET is an innovative EV charger where it has great flexibility since it can charge any type of EV. It has 32 different adapters and is compatible in 200 countries. Also thanks to a smart system where analyzes the parameters of both EV and the local grid, dynamically adjusting the optimal charging power.

More about Innovative Self-Adapting Universal EV Charger can be seen in the press release below

 innovative EV charger

Startup chRget, Selected to Charge the Dubai–Monte Carlo Electric Marathon, Launched Kickstarter Campaign

On June 9, 2020, chRget, a tech startup company from Claymont, DE, launched a Kickstarter campaign for its self-adjusting universal EV charger:  

The goal of the campaign is to raise $50,000 by July 17, 2020, and to release the first version of the charger by the end of the year. Kickstarter project rewards include the EV charger with various plug adapters and cables, suitable for 200 countries worldwide.

The chRget team has five years of experience in technical support for the rally in Monaco, organized by His Highness Prince Albert II. Thanks to this experience, chRget engineers have created a self-adaptive EV charger that works in 200 countries with the help of 32 plug adapters. Upon crossing an international border, chRget’s software uses geolocation to define the local network parameters and set an electricity consumption threshold that is safe for the car and wiring. When the car is connected to a power network, a unique Self-adaptive system tests the wiring to select the optimal voltage.It has also been recently announced that the organizers of the Electric Marathon Star Race 2020 chose chRget to charge the EVs of the rally participants. The information about this appeared on the official website of the Electric Marathon.  

This charger was first presented at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. By launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the startup will enable all interested EV owners to pre-order their chRget charger.

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