Only electric cars will produce the VW factory in Zwickau

VW is looking to the future of electrification since the Ζwickau plant will produce only electric vehicles

VW vehicle manufacturing plant in Zwickau, after 116 years, is now focused on the production of only electric vehicles. It is certainly a very important turning point for the German company that shows the way clearly now that the future belongs to electric vehicles.

The production of the last VW Golf Estate car, which took place at VW’s plant in Zwickau, Germany, now marks the shift of this unit to the new era of electrification. As you know, and given the completion of the production of the latest car with a thermal engine, only electric models starting from ID.3 will now be manufactured at this factory.

The new ID.4 will be added to the production lines early next year, which will be the SUV version of the German company’s electric hatchback. Total investment for the transformation of this unit began in November 2019 and has so far reached €1.2 billion.

VW Zwickau electric vehicles

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Completion of the second stage of changes and extensions of this plant is expected to be completed by the new year. Also in Zwickau will be manufactured 6 in total electric models, which will be sold on behalf of three VW Group companies. In the framework for the luxury SUV models of Lamborghini and Bentley will continue to be manufactured on the premises of the factory where the legendary Trabant was produced until 1991.


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