Suzuki no hurry to produce electric motorcycles

Suzuki seems to maintain a defensive stance on electrification and does not want to rush to produce electric motorcycles and scooters

The interest of motorcycle manufacturers for electric motorcycles is growing but Suzuki is in no hurry to proceed directly to electric mobility. As several car manufacturers have turned their attention to the production of electric cars, the same applies to companies, which curate the manufacture of vehicles on two wheels.

Almost all brands now have an electric scooter or electric motorcycle in their range, but Suzuki is not. The Japanese company believes that electric motorcycles are currently expensive so that the two-wheel ed market is not ready to accept them. At the very least, this is apparent from the vice-president of Suzuki’s Marketing and Sales Department in India.

Suzuki electric motorcycles

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In fact, he stressed the official position of the brand, which is that there is a plan for the manufacture of electric motorcycles in the future, but only when the average consumer will be able to buy them. For this reason, it also seems that Suzuki is delaying this project, as in order to invest in this, it must first be sure that it will bring it a profit.

We observe the events very carefully, but the journey of an electric two-wheeler is not consistent at the moment. The cost, compared to THE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, continues to be alarming. Whenever and when the market is ready, Suzuki will present it to the market,” vice-president of Suzuki’s Marketing and Sales Department words to Financial Express.

But he did not reveal further details of what would happen in the whole electric motorcycle plans. Also, it should be noted that last February it was estimated that Suzuki would present its first electric motorcycle in 2021.


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