This ebike made the company young owners rich

Imagination and daring by two young men where the ebike they built is a huge success

This particular ebike does not have any state-of-the-art technology but it was enough to make the company’s young owners rich. A relatively simple to build electric bike, without exotic technology, but durable and with simple but tested parts.

A completely unknown brand of electric bicycles is currently an example to be emulated, both in business and in terms of sustainable mobility, since its one and only product, the Lectric XP all-terrain electric bike managed to become so popular that it made the company, with a turnover of $13 million in one year!

ebike owners rich

Lectric ebike founders Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel met playing video games together in high school to reach 24 to have set up a successful start up company, based in the space of a small workshop.

They didn’t throw money at advertising or use sophisticated technical solutions. What they did was build 10 prototypes of their electric bike, which they named Lectric XP and send them for testing on corresponding YouTube channels.

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The prototypes looked and were robust, had thick tires and could move outside asphalt and on the other hand develop a fairly high speed (45 km/h), while the range offered by their battery reached 40 km/h. In addition, ebikes are also foldable, which made their transportation incredibly easier.

With these features and with perfect logic to advantageous 899 US Dollars (825 euros) – and as more and more reviews began to circulate on the internet, demand increased and success did not take long to come.


Battery: 7 lbs
Total weight of bike plus battery: 63 lbs  

Weight Carrying Capacity:

Maximum rider weight: 275 lbs
Maximum load on rear rack: 55 lbs


Unfolded Dimensions: 67 x 18 x 47 in.
Folded dimensions: 37 x 18 x 27 in.

Tech Specs:


  • Lithium Ion 48v 10.4ah by LG
  • 4-6 hour charge time
  • 25-50 mile range*

*Range may vary based on weight load, terrain, weather, and other factors.


  • 500W (800W+ peak) brushless geared rear hub
  • 5 Pedal-Assist levels
  • 28 mph top speed Pedal-Assist capability
  • 20 mph throttle only


  • Tektro 160mm mechanical disc brakes


  • CST 4″ x 20″ Fat tires
  • 30 PSI


  • Class 2 Electric Bike on shipment (limited to 20mph)
  • Can be changed to Class 3 via the display (limited to 28mph) 


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