Cupra El-Born electric performance hot-hatch

Cupra unveils VW Group’s first electric Hot-hatch, the El-Born, based on the MEB platform designed specifically for electric vehicles.

Electric hot-hatch is being prepared by the VW Group and Cupra El-Born will represent the German colossus in this hot category of vehicles. So this is the El-Born or the hottest version of the Volkswagen ID.3 that will be launched on the market in 2021 with an unknown price and currently unknown technical characteristics.

The El-Born is essentially the brother of ID.3, and is based on the same (MEB) architecture and is equipped with an electric motor that moves the wheels of the rear axle. Yes, the first electric Cupra will be rear-wheel drive and as revealed by the Spanish company will be equipped with a specially developed version of Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (DCC Sport).

Cupra El-Born hot-hatch

But it does not mention the power of the electric motor or any other technical feature, other than the battery having a capacity of 77 kWh and will offer a range of 500 km. Cupra did not even announce the time required to complete the popular 0-100 km/h process as it was limited to the 2.9 seconds it takes El-Born to reach 50 km/h from a stop.

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In terms of design, however, Cupra’s new model certainly wins the impressions. Its silhouette and proportions may be reminiscent (logically) of the VW ID.3, but it differs considerably from them thanks to the much more aggressive front, the wider sills, the new wheels and the unique stylistic details such as bronze decorations both in the bodywork and in the cabin.

Cupra El-Born hot-hatch

Speaking of the interior, which looks like this electric Volkswagen, it is worth mentioning the elevated center console, the different steering wheel, the sports seats and of course, the different materials that Cupra chose to invest the cabin of its own model. Cupra dives into the deep waters of the electricity and we look forward to learning more details about El-Born.


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