Fisker EV company to go public helping Ocean evolution

Fisker is going its second phase of development and go public to support the development of the new electric EV SUV, Ocean.

Fisker gradually developing its first EV and announced that it is go public with the company valued at 2.9 billion euros. The electric car company’s goal is to immediately earn $1 billion, including $500 million from existing and new investors such as AllianceBernstein and BlackRock Inc.

This money will be used to get the purely electric Ocean into production by the end of 2022. Fisker says Ocean’s evolution tests will begin at the end of this year. Fisker electric SUV will be produced in the US but will be available in all markets of the world.

Fisker go public

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The Ocean will be available with a rear-wheel drive electric motor or two electric motors, one per axle (AWD), powered by an 80 kWh lithium-ion battery. The performance of the electric motors will be about 225 kW (304 horses), while there will also be a high performance version, where for 0-96 km/h it will complete in less than 3 seconds.


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