Greek electric scooter with 180 km of range

Give i.lektra is the first Greek electric scooter that has evolved and is produced in Greece with impressive performance and electric autonomy.

A Greek company will build the first electric scooter where it will be produced in Greece somewhere in mid-2021. Four Greeks created Give in 2016 and appear determined to win the difficult bet on electric scooters. The project is looking promising with impressive specifications.

The Greek electric scooter is called i.lektra and has three detachable batteries developed by Give and have a range of 60 km each or a total of 180 km (112 miles). Its maximum speed is 85 km per hour, and it manages to accelerate up to 80 km/h in just three seconds. The Greek electric scooter has an 8-inch digital display with all the necessary readings, as well as a navigator.

According to its creators, the operation of the scooter focuses on the mobile phone, through which the vehicle is activated, its settings are modified and it is possible to prevent any attempted theft. It is also provided for its interconnection with the digital cloud, allowing, after the user’s consent, to send to Give updates, according to the model of mobile electronic devices.

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Greek electric scooter

It is also possible to configure the characteristics and specifications of the two-wheeler by means of the “online garage”, where the prospective buyer, after selecting the desired characteristics, design, performance and settings, has the possibility to order the vehicle electronically.

The aim of the creators of i.lektra is every two years to present a new vehicle, with the original designs including the creation of smaller versions, as well as autonomous versions. For the driving of the two-wheeler, which the company plans to dispose of, a folding machine of 125 cubic A1 (125cc) is required, i.e. the ratio of the vehicle’s power to the displacement of a non-electric motorcycle.


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