Porsche prepares production line for electric Macan

Porsche production line in Leipzig is expected to accept the production of the next generation of Macan which will be electric.

Porsche is increasing its range of electric models and already its vehicle manufacturing plant production line in Leipzig is accepting the necessary modifications to welcome the next generation of Macan, which will be electric.

After Taycan’s successful debut, and soon its shooting brake version, Porsche is warming the production line for another electric model that will move with the help of electric motors and battery. The reason, for the new generation of the popular and commercial-level Macan, which will be manufactured in the interior of the well-known Porsche German unit located in the city of Leipzig.

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Porsche production line

Since 2000, when this plant was launched, Porsche has invested more than 1.3 billion euros in it and more, thanks to its further expansion, is ready more than a year from now to officially welcome the electric Macan. As announced, for this new project Porsche is investing an additional 600 million euros to build a new section with an area of 75,000 m2, in which the “body” of its new, electric SUV model will be manufactured.

In addition to the above, however, Porsche is rapidly making changes to the part of the factory in Leipzig that is responsible for the assembly of the vehicles. As the porsche leaders say today, the completion of the work will create all the necessary conditions for a production line to manufacture three different types of drive units – petrol, hybrid and electric.


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