The futuristic interior of the Hyundai 45 EV

The Hyundai 45 EV features an eye-catching interior with futuristic moods where Hyundai’s design chief gives interesting details

The Hyundai 45 is a EV prototype where it has an interior with a futuristic point of view. Why was this name chosen? Because design inspiration was drawn from the historic Hyundai Pony, which premiered 45 years ago, but also because of the intense edges in its bodywork form 45-degree angles between them.

It should also be remembered that the 45 is purely electric, but no relevant technical information has been officially known, and it was Hyundai’s second prototype model that embodied its new design language, called “Sensuous Sportiness”. The Korean company now gives us more information about the 45 through the video below, in which Hyundai’s head of design, SangYup Lee, is a guide.

Hyundai 45 futuristic EV

The most interesting part of the tour concerns the interior, where it is relatively frugal and to which access is made through the doors that are sliding forward and backward. You can also observe, the absence of a middle column, the seat rotating to meet the driver and make it easier to access the interior.

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The interior setting is described as minimalist, there are four seats independently of each other with wood paneling on their backs, while the dashboard consists of a huge horizontal screen. The spacious cabin with flat flooring benefits from the new special platform for pure electric models. According to Hyundai its goal was to create a new experience inside, for the reason the cabin of 45 is reminiscent of a luxury living room.

Hyundai 45 futuristic EV


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