Toyota to launch solid state batteries by 2025

Is solid state battery technology the future? Toyota says yes and its first electric vehicles will be fitted with that technology from 2025

Solid state batteries promise a revolution in electric vehicle technology and Toyota wants to take the lead in this area. According to Keiji Kaita, vice president of Toyota Motor Corporation and general manager of the Japanese brand’s battery division, the “mission” it has undertaken is on schedule and the possibility of seeing solid state batteries go into limited production by 2025 is well open.

First, explain the benefits that make solid state batteries the most Hi-tech field of electrification. We are talking about batteries with the potential of much higher energy densities, safer, longer and faster to charge. So far everything indicates that the overall benefits are more than some disadvantages.

To get a size class, according to Kaita-san, fully charging a solid state battery will take no more than 15 minutes while in terms of their lifespan, the high-ranking Toyota executive said they will retain more than 90% of their original power and capacity even 30 years later!

Toyota to launch solid state batteries by 2025

There are, of course, important obstacles that must be overcome before the first cars with such batteries are launched, and the most important thing is their mass production. At the moment, the production of solid state batteries is practically done by hand, in an extremely isolated, arid environment and as you can see, this is not a viable way to get the batteries to market.

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Toyota, however, is continuing its development and testing. It would present the technology with a prototype in collaboration with Panasonic at the Tokyo Olympics but with their postponement for 2021, this was also postponed. The only thing that is certain, then, is that we will have to wait a few years for the launch of solid state batteries and even more for their mass production.


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