Volta Zero electric truck features space technology

More and more electric trucks are being announced and Volta Zero is one of them with technology from the European Space Agency

Volta Zero is a 16-ton electric truck, featuring impressive technology. In an effort to further reduce the burden on the environment, Volta’s electric trucks are manufactured with parts of linen fabric in some parts of their frame. It will be one of the first to bring this innovation to transport needs in a modern city.

The Volta Zero has a 160 or 200 kWh battery, which can give it the ability to move at distances of up to 200 km without the need for refueling. The top speed of this truck with the unique design can reach 90 km/h. The Volta Zero payload can reach up to 9 tons and certainly autonomy is sufficient for the needs of a city.

Volta Zero electric truck

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One of the elements that make Volta Zero stand out from any other electric truck is the fact that it has high-strength textile materials developed by the European Space Agency, from biodegradable resin, which do not burden the planet throughout their life cycle. This is the first time such material has been used in a truck intended for general use.

Volta’s first electric trucks will make their appearance on the city streets in the first quarter of 2021. This is a very interesting technological addition and the orientation in ecology gives it another extra bonus.


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