Watch Dacia Spring EV first leaked photos

Dacia Spring EV will be the Romanian company’s first pure electric vehicle and will have affordable acquisition price.

Dacia is very close to launching its first pure electric vehicle, the Spring EV. It is expected to cost much cheaper than some of its current models and this is certainly very important for the Romanian manufacturer.

In the Dacia range models, we now have to search Logan to find the cheapest vehicle. But Renault’s subsidiary is preparing to launch its first electric vehicle, whose prices will be just above those of Sandero and Logan.

Dacia Spring EV

The future Dacia Spring, twin of the Chinese Renault K-ZE, will take the form of an extremely compact crossover. A leak, specifically transmitted on the website 123456Auto, allows us to observe the style of the final model to be released by the end of the year.

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The Dacia Spring EV will receive the small 45-horsepower electric motor from the Renault K-ZE, combined with batteries with a capacity of 26.8 kWh. It will be able to travel about 200 km in a range at most on one charge and will cost around 15,000 Euros.


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