Watch Giga Berlin Gigafactory 4 progress july 2020

There may not yet be a large “crowding” from heavy machinery but the progress for July at Gigafactory 4 in Germany looks quite satisfactory

Gigafactory 4 is expected to start producing vehicles in the summer of 2021, but in July this year the progress of the work is evident. Of course, don’t expect to see hundreds of heavy vehicles coming and going and everything looks sluggish compared to Gigafactory 3.

In February, a German court granted Tesla permission to clear part of a forest to install the plant and huge progress has already been made on the site. At first it was preceded by the clearing of the forest and the balancing of the soil, while now we see the first foundations.

Gigafactory 4 July

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Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, says the Gigafactory 4 will produce batteries, engines and vehicles, starting with the Model Y. He wants to see the first Model Y come off the production line in July 2021. Judging by the rapid construction of Gigafactory 3, something similar will probably happen in Germany.

In the video below from the YouTube channel the_wolfpack_berlin, you can see impressive footage from the entire site and the first constructions that are beginning to form.

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