Watch Shelby Church’s Model 3 after one year

What’s the status of YouTuber Shelby Church’s Tesla Model 3 after a year of use? Would she buy it again?

A year ago, You Tuber Shelby Church acquired a Tesla Model 3 where she was impressed with the electric car’s capabilities. She is currently returning to her favorite Model 3 with a review after more than a year of use. But in the title of the video leaves to a question like : Would I Buy It Again?

At the beginning he explains to us about the software updates that all Tesla vehicles have. It states that it is an amazing function and the Model 3 is getting better and better as time goes by and new updates are coming. Now her car has so many more features and she is impressed with the application that create music.

 Shelby Model 3

It also states that thanks to software updates the Model 3 is now 5% faster. Also after a year and several updates Autopilot looks much improved with better response and many new features.

For more details you can see below from YouTube channel Shelby Church

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Description from video :

It has been a year now since I bought a Tesla Model 3 and have had quite a few requests to talk about it now that I’ve had it for a full year. It’s been really cool to watch the car get better with software updates, that is one of the greatest things about this car. I’ve taken it on quite a few road trips over the year and have actually really enjoyed it even with the charging stops!

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