Could it be the electric KTM Superbike ?

An industrial designer from India shows us a rendering where it could be an electric Superbike from KTM

An electric KTM Superbike is not in the immediate plans of the Austrian brand but a designer from India gives us a first taste. In addition to being one of the first companies to present electric production models (E-SM and E-XC Freeride), it has proceeded to testing motorcycles with electric motors.

Also in his statements, the company’s CEO, Stefan Pierrer, is particularly receptive to the issue of electrification. It would not be out of line, nor would it be a surprise, then, if in a short period of time we saw in production a new electric “orange” performance model.

However, a graduate with a master’s degree in industrial design from the University of Mumbai, Mohit Solanki, wanted to create his own perspective on the electric KTM. With great passion and capturing his talent in the stylus (figure of speech), his creation could comfortably be the electric KTM Superbike.

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The inspiration was drawn from the sharp KISKA design, the only superbike model presented by KTM, the RC8. The result is impressive, dynamic and sufficiently futuristic to serve its electric nature. Of course I wish we could see something similar as a prototype from the Austrian brand soon!

 electric KTM Superbike
 electric KTM Superbike


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