Designer reveal water-driven Yamaha motorcycle concept

This Yamaha concept by a French designer exclusively uses water-driven engine

Fossil Fuels vehicles have dominated the recent century but a designer has unveiled a Yamaha motorcycle concept featuring a water-driven engine. This concept is based on the H2O version of the popular Yamaha XT 500 motorcycle.

We are now in the phase where the transition to electrification is slowly taking place. Already, hybrids are enough, and they are increasing in number and in sales and fully electric vehicles. In fact, there are also alternatives to electric cars for the future, as some vehicles have been built for the use of hydrogen.

water-driven Yamaha concept

However, how would you like a vehicle, which moves very simply with water? Such an idea was wanted by the French designer, diplomat and scientist, Maxime Lefebvre, who started working on a project to build such a motorcycle in 2016.

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He took an enduro Yamaha XT 500, which was in production from 1976 to 1989, and created a separate version, the H2O, as a concept. As its name attests and as mentioned above, the XT 500 H2O will move exclusively using water through a pump, which will constantly recycle water.

water-driven Yamaha concept

In fact, it is not out of the question that we will see a concept version from Yamaha in the future, at a time when Lefebvre had in mind that this would be implemented in 2025. Also, as we see in the photos it has given this motorcycle a special shade between blue and light blue, to remind the clean water.


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