Dutch City preparing for climate worst scenario

Climate change is expected to affect humans lives on the planet and already the Dutch city of Arnhem is taking all necessary measures for against imminent disasters

Climate change is now a fact and the Dutch city of Arnhem is preparing to accept the worst climate scenario. It changes roads and creates shaded areas around busy shopping districts, after concluding that the consequences of climate change are inevitable.

According to a 10-year plan for the city, a new provision is proposed to better prepare residents for extreme weather events such as downpours, droughts and heats. As the Guardian reports, the city council has decided that 10% of asphalt should be converted into green and plants, which have the potential to better absorb heat and improve the absorption of rainfall in the city.

Dutch City preparing for climate worst scenario

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Trees will be planted alongside the road network for sun cover, creating “cool spots” for residents. Arnhem city councilman Cathelijne Bouwkamp said the city would continue to reduce carbon emissions as part of the plan.

The Dutch government has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels, and to ensure a 95% reduction by 2050.


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