Full electric models that dominated H1 2020 global sales

In difficult times due to Covid-19 pandemic, sales of full electric models for H1 2020 were positive after they performed well, not perfectly, but for the occasion very well.

In a turbulent time due to the pandemic, full electric models performed quite well in H1 2020 sales. In June sales fell 22% to 230,000 units (BEV+PHEV), but it was the 3rd best result in 18 months. There is also a rise in plug-in hybrid models, where in June they climbed by 3.6%.

Of course in June sales of pure electric vehicles fell -31% but the Covid-19 crisis does not guarantee a stable near future. But on the other hand several new affordable electric models are coming this year and we will certainly see interesting results by the end of the year.

In the TOP 10 in YTD sales full electric models for H1 2020 Tesla with model 3 comfortably occupies the first place. So with 142,346 units the popular mid-range electric sedan of Tesla has three times the sales of the second Renault ZOE. The French electric mini car continues to impress with 37,154 units.

In third place is the Nissan Leaf where with 23,867 units perhaps it could have had a better course. That’s because already the fairly old VW e-Golf is very close to fourth place with 21,165 units. I wonder what will happen in a little while after the all new electric VW ID.3 will roll off the production line.

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In fifth place we find a Chinese model the BYD Qin Pro EV where with 20,990 units it is applying for bigger numbers. In sixth place is the Hyundai Kona EV where it continues to climb with 19,268 units. In seventh place yet another surprise from the Audi e-tron where with 17,592 units is already high in the rankings.

Another Chinese electric model is in the top ten with the GAC Aion S occupying eighth place with 14,516 units. In ninth place with upward trends is the fresh Peugeot 208 ev with 13,266 units while in 10th place is another Chinese model the SAIC Baojun E-Series with just over 13,000 units.


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