Hyundai Kona electric surpass 1000 km of range

In a special Test at the Lausitzring track the Hyundai Kona electric surpass 1000 km of range

Hyundai Kona electric has proven to be very efficient in consuming the required energy and recently exceeded 1000 km of autonomy in a special test. Electric cars have low energy consumption in cities compared to motorway travel. Above all, in large cities electric vehicles make the most of their efficiency.

These conditions were likened by Hyundai to Kona Electric on the Lausitzring track. The goal was autonomy with one charge to exceed 1,000 km. The project was carried out with three Kona electrics, with the large 64 kWh battery and the 204 horsepower electric motor. Τwo were driven by Hyundai Germany executives and one by journalists from the German Auto Bild.

Hyundai Kona electric 1000

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During the test no one used the air conditioning, nor the entertainment and information system. As a result, energy consumption is limited to the movement of the SUV, but also to the use of daytime LED lights.

In the end the results were impressive after Kona Electric with Auto Bild journalists distributed 1,026 km on one charge, while the other two 1,024.1 and 1,018.7. The average speed was just 29-31 km/h, simulating traffic within the city’s straits. The autonomy of the three cars was certified by Dekra.


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