Nissan Ariya EV Crossover: Rich heritage and evolution

Nissan Ariya EV Crossover opens a new chapter in the history of the Japanese brand

Nissan Ariya EV Crossover recently made its global debut by showcasing an impressive vehicle that reflects Nissan’s rich heritage and evolution. As the company’s first electric crossover, Ariya EV opens a new chapter on Nissan’s corporate brand and embodies the company’s vision in trying to “enrich” people’s lives.

Representing the pinnacle of Nissan’s technologies and design, the electric Nissan Ariya EV debuted during a digital event in Yokohama. The model is an important step in Nissan’s transformation path as the company focuses on its powerful “weapons”, including electric vehicles and SUVs.

Nissan Ariya EV Crossover

“We created the Nissan Ariya in response to the ambitions and practical needs of today’s customers,” said Nissan’s chief executive, Makoto Uchida. “Combining our excellence in EV and crossover, it is an illustration of Nissan’s new era of excitement and design.”

Ariya points the way to Nissan’s design, as it is expected to unveil 12 new models in 18 months. The brand new crossover demonstrates Nissan’s commitment to meet customer demand for new electrical, autonomous and connected technologies.

Nissan Ariya EV Crossover

Nissan expects sales of electric EV and e-POWER models to be over 1 million cars per year by the end of the 2023 financial year. Until then, the company also aims to introduce autonomous driving technologies in more than 20 models in 20 markets, but also to sell more than 1.5 million vehicles equipped with these systems.

The Nissan Ariya features the new Nissan logo, only recently making its world premiere. Symbolizing the company’s dedication to continuing to innovate for new generations of customers, it will grace upcoming Nissan models as they are launched or renewed.

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The new logo looks forward to the future, while remaining proudly “connected” to the company’s rich heritage and tradition of innovations. The name of the company remains at the center of the logo, communicating an instantly recognizable brand reminiscent of landmarks and memories of the past, while at the same time bringing evolution.


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