Skoda reveals the sketches of electric Enyaq iV

Skoda Enyaq iV will be the first pure electric SUV and will be a model in which the company belonging to the VW Group, expects a remarkable course in the highly competitive category of SUVs

In a few days a major revelation will be made by Skoda after the pure electric Enyaq iV will be unveiled. It will be a very important model where Skoda supports many of its hopes for its penetration into a highly competitive category.

The sketches available to us show a somewhat exaggerated version of what the first Model Skoda based on VW Group’s MEB platform will look like. But on the other hand, they provide us with a good idea of what we can expect from the Czech company. So forget for a moment the giant light alloy wheels and the dramatic curves and angles you see in the sketches and focus on the big picture that shows a differentiation compared to the other SUVs in the brand.

Skoda electric enyaq iv

Observe the very small front and rear proboss thanks to the Group’s “electric” platform and the absence of the internal combustion engine. Also, please refer to the fact that the bodywork appears and is “more elongated and extremely aerodynamic” with the drag factor at a very low 0.27.

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Skoda’s designers took advantage of the large wheelbase and the absence of the main transmission tunnel inside, while the luggage compartment is set at 585 litres and is expected to be particularly easy to use without sacrificing space for the rear passengers. In the field of technology, we distinguish the large 13-inch screen of the entertainment and information system and the head-up display of “augmented reality”.

The Enyaq will be available either as a rear-wheel drive or as a four-wheel drive, at 5 different horsepower levels and with 3 different batteries, the largest of which will reach 125 kWh and offer a range of 500 km.


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