Tesla Gigafactory Giga Berlin progress end of August

A few days ago we saw the works at Giga Berlin on an upward trend, but how is progress at the end of August? Well, everything indicates that the project continues at a good pace since the premises have increased but there are also obvious changes throughout the site.

Tesla is also introducing a different way of manufacturing to speed up the process. Elon Musk said the company is now using some prefabricated manufacturing methods to help build the plant faster.

Giga Berlin end of August

Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, says the Giga Berlin will produce batteries, engines and vehicles, starting with the Model Y. He wants to see the first Model Y come off the production line in July 2021. Judging by the rapid construction of Gigafactory 3, something similar will probably happen in Germany, and the pace of construction of the Giga Berlin plant shows a perfectly satisfactory.

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In the video below from the YouTube channel the_wolfpack_berlin, you can see impressive footage from the entire site and the first structures that have already been formed.

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