The first Polestar 2 delivered to Europe

Polestar pure electric Sedan landed in Europe and in Gothenburg, Sweden, the first delivery took place.

In Sweden, and in particular in Gothenburg, the first Polestar 2 to hit Europe was delivered. The pure electric and four-wheel-drive Polestar 2 has two electric motors, which combined yield 408 horsepower and 660 Nm of torque. Its 78 kWh battery promises a full charge of 470 km of range. (WLTP measurement).

At the same time, Polestar 2 is the first car in the world with a multimedia system that uses Android operating systems supporting Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play Store services.

The unveiling of Polestar 2 was made online in early 2019, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic last March, production began at the plant located in China’s Luqiao region.

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The first Polestar 2 delivered to Europe

Sture Stensson is the first customer in Europe to hold the keys to the new Polestar 2. He states that he is acquiring an electric car for the first time, and for this reason he placed solar panels on the roof of his house in order to charge it using a renewable energy source.

He placed the order for the new Polestar 2 on the day it was launched and thus managed to secure this special priority. In the Old Continent the new Polestar is scheduled to arrive, after Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain and Switzerland, and then land in North America.


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