This Tesla Model 3 driver moves on deep waters

What happens when a purely electric vehicle like the Model 3 passes through deep waters?

A Tesla Model 3 driver in China probably wanted to experience an underwater situation by moving on a road where there was very deep waters. In similar cases other drivers tried to pass through stagnant waters with electric vehicles but it is certainly not the smartest idea.

This incident occurred in the city of Xian in Hebei Province, China. The driver of the Tesla Model 3 defies danger and dares to cross the road that was flooded due to heavy rainfall. Of course, Tesla’s popular sedan in this case managed to get over the short “dive” and safely go into shallower waters.

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Tesla Model 3 showed a superb performance in recent Chinese flooding, but it was not surprising for those who have seen how Tesla makes and tests water-resistance of made-in-China Model 3 electric sedans.

Model 3 on deep waters

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