Three different new electric bikes revealed by Ducati

Ducati unveils three new models of foldable electric bikes in different versions for driving in urban and off-road terrain.

Ducati did not recently reveal any new electric motorcycle however continues to expand its range to electric bikes. Thus the Italian manufacturer presented three different types of electric bikes, the Ducati SCR-E, SCR-E Sport and Urban-E. It should be stressed that electric bicycles are on a rapid upward trend worldwide.

As the car industry has begun to turn to electrification, so something similar seems to be the case with electric bicycles. We are seeing more and more manufacturers of both wheels investing time and money in the production of electric bicycles.

This time it was Ducati’s turn, which wants to enter the market dynamically, to reveal three different designs for electric bikes. This results in SCR-E, SCR-E Sport and Urban E, allowing for options for driving on urban and off-road areas.

Ducati electric bikes

The first represents Scrambler, a subsidiary of Ducati, and is offered with 20×4-inch wide tires for ascents to trails and sandy roads in the mountains, where no vehicles go to escape the city. This is achieved thanks to the suspension fork, while the 375 Wh battery offers autonomy for 70 km.

Ducati electric bikes

Also, in SCR-E there is the option to add a grill on the back, while the rear LED lights are integrated into the seat tube. The SCR-E Sport adds another rear suspension for greater intensity in driving, wears road tyres and has the largest 470 Wh battery for 80 km of range.

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Urban-E has focused on city-to-city travel, with attention to detail evident. This is petite, with the difference from the other two being the built-in front light and the design of the mudslide or else the wing on the back. It is equipped, like the SCR-E, with the 375 Wh battery.

Please note that all three Ducati electric bikes have sporty components, including the high-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes and installed mud protectors. The Italians have not revealed any further technical characteristics.


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