VW shows how broke the official range number of ID.3

The VW ID.3 carried out long distance between two cities, breaking the official range number

The VW ID.3 will soon be made available to the first owners but in a test of the company the electric Hatch broke the official range number. This was achieved when ID.3 managed to complete a journey from Zwickau, Germany (where the model is made) to schaffhausen, Switzerland, on a charge.

On a journey that lasted about 9 hours, VW’s new electric Hatch made 531 km but with an average speed of just 56 km/h. 44% of the route was on a motorway and 56% on country roads. The ID.3 Pro Performance has a capacity battery of 62 kWh but 58 kWh is available for the user.

 ID.3 broke official range

The average energy consumption was 10.9 kWh/100 km. The ID.3 1st Pro Performance was used for the trip, with the German company officially announcing that the ID.3 range according to the WLTP measurement is 426 km.

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Description from YouTube channel Volkswagen News :

The new Volkswagen ID.3¹ has set its first range record: The electric car covered the 531 kilometers from Zwickau to Schaffhausen (Switzerland) on a single charge. Officially, the model has a range of up to 420 kilometers (WLTP). This mark was topped by more than 100 kilometers – an increase of 26 percent. The vehicle was a series production ID.3 1st Pro Performance with a 58 kWh battery built at the Zwickau electric car factory. The route to Switzerland consisted entirely of public roads and highways, passing cities such as Bayreuth and Ulm. The record-breaking vehicle was driven by “hypermiler” Felix Egolf, a native of Switzerland. The term “hypermiling” originated in the USA and refers to driving a series production vehicle with techniques that maximize efficiency and minimize consumption.

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